“But Why Don’t You Like Christmas?” 4o+ Resources for Holiday Boundary Setting and Self Care, Categorized

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You deserve to have a holiday season that’s happy, not a punishment for being you. For the many, many of us who struggle at the holidays, here are some of the best resources on how to set boundaries, take care of ourselves, and know when to draw the line during the holidays.

{explore} Elandan Gardens, Bremerton, WA

We’ve only lived in the Pacific Northwest for a couple of years, so there’s still a LOT that’s new and shiny. I like to just go out and wander whenever I can, even in the winter, because there’s always something … Continued

{explore} Western North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Mountains

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This is the post in which I visit North Carolina and fall into a waterfall. Okay, it wasn’t a major accident, but since the entire town of Newland was out enjoying a rare sunny and 70-degree winter day just after … Continued