Portrait and Boudoir Photography without Toxic Beauty Ideals: An Underpinning

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Every time I’m asked to do a photography or posing or selfie workshop these days, I’m so conflicted. The very underpinnings, the very bones, of modern portrait and boudoir photography — even the “body positive” variety — are based on … Continued

Big Beautiful Heroines: An Interview with Fat-Positive Author Pat Ballard

Authors who write long-form works like novellas and books seem to get the short end of the stick with the Internet, I sometimes think. Unlike us photographers, who regularly produce pretty visuals to post on social media, authors work just … Continued

Flabulously Positive: An Interview with Laughing Goddess Apothecary’s Eve Enzweiler

Every product that goes into the Body Love Box either is about fat bodies and/or is made by a fat or marginalized creator. (When I say marginalized, I’m talking about communities that experience high overall rates of oppression, like fat … Continued

Romance at Every Size: An Interview with Body Positive Romance Author Amity Lassiter

“Storytelling is the essence of who we are. And so stories themselves are capsules of who we are—they represent our hopes, our dreams, our fears, and our goals.” – Kate Sullivan Representation in fiction can be a transformative experience. We … Continued